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Where in the room should I install my heaters?

The ideal location is close to cold air sources, to ensure your comfort. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to install them underneath a window. Our devices can, for example, be installed on the wall adjacent to a cold air source. The main requirement is to keep the unit clear. The hot air must circulate freely, in order for heat to be distributed evenly.

Where can I purchase a Convectair heater?

Electricians typically sell our devices, but they can also be found in some lighting and plumbing stores. All the recommended contractors on our site are able to advise you on the models and wattage required for maximum comfort. Visit our “Where to buy” section, to find the installer or dealer closest to you.

Where is the model number located, and how do I read the product label?

Locate the product label (see image below) on the unit. It is usually on the side, back, or inside the upper gate of the unit. The model number has four digits starting with 7 (A). Wattage is determined by the number after the letter “C“ or “B‘’, depending on the unit. Otherwise, it is always written below (B). The year of production is found next to the logo (D).Example:   7825-C20 – Model: 7825   Wattage: 2000 watts


Where is the “Reset” button?

The manual “Reset” button (installed on some devices only) is located on the back of the device, under a protective metal cap (see image below). Press the button to restart your device. If there is no manual “Reset” button, this means that your Convectair unit is equipped with an automatic system. If so, when the unit is ready to restart, it will do so automatically.


What’s the difference between the Allegro II and Apéro?

The Apéro is a simplified version of the Allegro II. Both are equipped with the same heating element and thermal sensor, and offer the same range of wattage. The more affordable Apéro has a more classic aesthetic. As for the Allegro II, it offers 3 different heights, a more modern look .  In terms of programming, both units are compatible with the Wall-mount controller (AWC), but only the Allegro II can lodge the Programmer. The Apéro offers you flexibility, with its 120V (plug-in style) version.

How to choose the right unit and right wattage, for optimal comfort?

The best way to determine the required wattage is to do your wattage calculation. Making the right choice will bring you the optimal comfort you seek. Choosing the inaccurate wattage for your needs could cause premature wear and tear of the unit, if the wattage is too low, and result in inconsistent heating, if the wattage is too high. To do this important calculation, go to the “Wattage calculation”section. To learn more about the different technologies, consult our “Products” page.

How long is the Convectair warranty?

2 Years against all defects 5 Years on heating elements

The only one exception to this rule is the Programmer system, which is guaranteed for 2 years against all defects.

Do you have any repair parts?

Yes. We stock all the parts needed to repair your Convectair devices. Nevertheless, we recommend contacting one of our specialized service centres, by visiting the “Contact” page, in order to repair your unit.

My thermostat displays an “FF” on the screen, and I can’t remove it. What should I do ?

If your screen displays this information, it means that either the temperature or the mode option of the thermostat is locked: 

Temperature: Simultaneously press the “+” and “-“ buttons for 3 seconds. Mode: Switch off your device, and press the “Start” and “Mode” buttons simultaneously. Turn your device back on, by pressing the “Start” button.

These steps enable you to lock or unlock your keyboard.


Are Convectair units compatible with wall thermostats?

No. Connecting a wall thermostat to our devices at the same time as the built-in one could cause overheating, premature wear and tear, and possible breakage. Also, connecting a wall thermostat limits the use of the smart functions of your integrated thermostat, which enable you to save money.If the use of a wall thermostat is important for your comfort, we offer the AWC as a solution, which will enable you to connect multiple devices and control them remotely, just like with a thermostat.

Products category

Why doesn’t Convectair use wall thermostats?

The problem lies not so much in the thermostat itself, but rather in the thermal sensor. Usually installed at 5 ft (1.50 m) from the ground, thermal sensors on wall thermostats don’t detect the cold areas, generally at the bottom of the room, as well. Our units’ built-in thermal sensors, installed at 4 in (10 cm) from the ground, measure the air where it is the coldest. This 4-in from the ground positioning also enables the heater to quickly adjust its temperature, in tune with the slightest temperature fluctuations in the room. With your Convectair unit, you will have stable, accurate, consistent and efficient comfort. 

Are Convectair heaters noisy?

Our Natural convection and Radiant heaters are completely silent, because such heating technologies do not require a fan. Moreover, they are equipped with a monoblock heating element, which eliminates any crackling noises.

As for our Fan-forced heaters, they are usually installed in bathrooms, and fitted with cylindrical turbines, creating less noise than other conventional Fan-forced heaters available on the market.

How do Towel heaters work?

Our Towel heaters combine several heating technologies to warm your towels, but also your bathroom. Natural convection or Radiant heat is typically used to create stable heating in the room, and to warm your towels. The Fan-forced heater at the bottom of the unit, combined with its timer, is used to provide extra heating (on demand) for greater comfort in the bathroom.

Why is the Jazz such an efficient towel heater?

The Jazz is specially characterized by its 3 towel bars, which are perforated on the bottom. The hot air produced by the fan’s 1000W is directed into the bars, then directly infused into your towels through the air ducts. The result: warm towels awaiting you after your shower!

How does the timer on Fan-forced heaters work?

The fan is activated directly on the unit’s thermostat. Its appearance can vary: a scroll wheel on our older devices, or buttons, on our newer electronic thermostats. Lengths of time can also differ from heater to heater. For electronic thermostats, the timer ranges from 0 to 90 minutes, or even 120 minutes (depending on devices), while for scroll thermostats, the timer ranges from 0 to 30 minutes.

How can I lock the controls on my thermostat?

It’s possible to lock the thermostat’s controls, making it tamper proof, especially for children. The method for locking the keys varies depending on the thermostat model. For information on how to lock your heating temperature and your heater’s heating modes, please consult the installation instructions for your device.

Are bathroom heaters safe?

All bathroom heaters are designed with cabinet-splash-proof constructions, so you can fearlessly enjoy their power.

Are your heaters certified, in terms of security and quality?

Yes. All devices on the Canadian market have the Canadian CSA certification, and those sold in the United States have the CSA US warranty. Beyond that, our devices also fulfill the highest European certification standards, in terms of quality and safety.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are designed, manufactured and tested in our factories in France. We only use materials of the highest quality, which are recyclable and designed to last. In addition, in 2013, our devices received the France Garantie distinction, certifying that the entirety of manufacturing is carried out in France. Such production quality control enables us to guarantee the highest quality and performance of our devices.

Can I buy your products in big box stores?

No. Our devices are not available in big box stores, because we want to ensure that you receive the best specialized advice as possible. This is why we’ve included a list of recommended contractors and resellers on our website, for advice and purchasing. Installation and maintenance categoryI can’t find the installation guide for my heaterTo find all the installation guides for our units, go to the “Support & documentation” option in our menu bar, then to “Technical specifications”. If your device doesn’t appear on the list, go to the “Archives” section, which lists all the devices we’ve put on the market.

Wattage calculation category

What are the downloadable calculation forms?

The calculation forms are printable abridged versions of the wattage calculation on our website. They inform you of the measurements you’ll need to take in advance, for calculating the necessary wattage for your room. You will then take the measurements, write them down on the form, then transcribe them onto the website.

What is the wattage calculation result report?

This is a more detailed report on the results obtained following your wattage calculation. It can be downloaded or printed for your records.

What is the difference between the estimate and precise calculation?

The estimate is a quick tool, for a process carried out in less than 5 minutes, that provides a brief overview of your wattage needs, without accounting for all the characteristics of your room.The precise calculation takes into account all the factors that may contribute to heat loss (type and size of windows and doors, insulation type, walls exposed to cold, etc.), so it provides an accurate result, for optimal comfort. Without accounting for such factors, your wattage result can only be imprecise, and your comfort imperfect.We recommend, whenever possible, to always do a precise calculation. You won’t regret it.

Why not opt for the highest wattage, if what I want is to warm up the room?

Choosing an overly powerful wattage for your needs could prompt the device to stay off for too long, resulting in poor heat distribution, and thus making the room uncomfortable. In addition, the device will be more expensive, due to its higher wattage.

What do you mean by outdoor exposure?

Outdoor exposure refers to walls having contact with the outside of the house. For example, if the other side of a wall constitutes the outside of a house, then it's an outside wall. This is an important factor in wattage calculation.

How can I do a multi-room calculation?

Once you’ve finished doing the calculation for your first room, click on the name of the room, at the top of the “Results” page. At the end of the list, you’ll see the “Create a new calculation” option. Click on it. This way, you can do several calculations without having to re-enter your basic information (address, year of construction, location, etc.). Create an account in order to keep the results of your calculations. Otherwise they will be lost.

What is a cathedral ceiling?

It is a ceiling with a downward angle, and a height that is generally higher than that of standard ceilings (more than 10 ft (3.05m). The slope of this type of ceiling creates an additional air mass, which may require higher wattage for the same comfort.

How can I find the insulation level of my house?

In general, the year of construction provides a good indication of the type of insulation used. However, if a house has been renovated over the years, it’s possible that the insulation was improved. If this is the case, select the ”R” value used, depending on the thickness of your insulation. Otherwise, you can obtain this information from the contractor who carried out the renovations.

Why is the 10W/ft2 calculation imprecise?

This type of calculation is imprecise because it does not account for important factors (i.e. type of window, insulation, room location, etc.) that affect the accuracy of the calculation. Not accounting for such factors can jeopardize your home’s comfort and economies, which is most undesirable. Our devices are designed with great care, to surmount discomfort and large amounts of energy expenditure problems. Take advantage of this expertise by choosing the right wattage for your needs.

What will I need for my calculation?

You'll need to know the year of construction, size of your room, and size of your doors and windows. You will also need to know your window type. We recommend that you take these measurements prior to starting the calculation. Download the form as a guide.

How does the location of my room affect the result of my calculation?

Everything surrounding your room potentially contributes to its heat loss. For example, if your room is in a basement versus located on the second floor, with two heated floors underneath, it will lose heat differently.

How should I place the heaters in the room, if I’m installing more than one?

Generally try to place your heaters near exterior doors and windows, for optimal and consistent comfort. Please note that you can always contact us by email, at [email protected] or phone, at 1 800-463-6478, for advice on how to place your heaters. We’d be happy to help you achieve your desired comfort level.

How can I consult my past wattage calculation results?

If you opened an account, you will always be able to see your past calculations under the “My calculations” tab. If you don’t have an account, your previous calculations will not be saved.

Can I send my wattage calculation result to my installer, as a guide to help me choose the right unit?

Absolutely. This tool should help the installer find the best solution, for your optimal comfort. For further information on the differences between our various technologies, consult the pages providing specific information on each of our devices.

First aid category

My heater stopped working. What are the first things I should check on my own?

Please check the following simple things:1- Verify that the circuit breaker in the distribution panel is at the "ON" position. 2. Verify that the “Power” button on the heater is at the "ON" position. 3. Turn on the timer function (in the case of a bathroom heater). 4. If there is still no heat emanating from the unit, check the thermal security (small button on the back of the device), on devices with manual reset safeties only. 5. If, after all of these verifications, your unit is still not working, call Convectair or one of our certified service centres. To find a certified service centre, go to the “Contact” page.

Where is the “Reset” button?

The manual “Reset” button (installed on some devices only) is located on the back of the device, under a protective metal cap (see image below). Press this button to restart your device. If your unit does not have a manual “Reset” button, this means that your Convectair unit is equipped with an automatic system. If so, once the unit is ready to restart, it will do so automatically.


Installation and maintenance category

I can’t find the installation guide for my heater.

To find all the installation guides for our units, go to the “Support & documentation” option in our menu bar, then to “Technical sheets”. If your device doesn’t appear on the list, go to the “Archives” section, which lists all the devices we’ve put on the market.

Can I install my Convectair heater on an outside wall?

Absolutely. Unlike other devices that are installed straight onto walls, Convectair units are installed on a mounting frame, which separates the heater from the wall, by ¾ in (2 cm). This prevents much of the heat produced by the device from being lost through contact with the wall.

What to do with the heaters’s box once the unit has been installed?

We recommend that you keep the box for at least 1 month. This will help make transportation easier, if you need to exchange the unit, in the case of a manufacturing defect, for example.

At what height should heaters be installed?

Installation height varies, based on the product model. Natural convection heaters are usually installed between 4 and 6 in (10 and 15 cm) from the floor. Towel heaters and Fan-forced heaters have varied installation heights. We recommend that you consult the installation manual for your device for full installation details.

Can I install the heater myself?

We recommend having your Convectair heaters installed by an electrician, in accordance with national and regional codes. To find the nearest installer, consult our “Where to buy” section.

Do I have to clean my heaters often?

To provide optimal performance, your Convectair heaters require a minimum of maintenance. Simply use the vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth a few times during the heating season. As a preventative measure, it is advisable to clean the bottom inlet grid frequently, especially for devices installed in the kitchen, or in locations often exposed to cigarette smoke. Never use abrasive products, which could damage the epoxy coating.

How to remove my heater from the wall?

First you need to turn the power off. For Natural convection heaters, press the anchor tabs located on the back of the device (see image below). The unit should lean towards you, then you simply need to pull it forward and out of the mounting frame. If you have any questions, please refer to the installation manual for your device, in the “Documentation” section, or contact our Customer service department, at 1-800-463-6478.


How do I install my 120V (plug-in style) heater?

One of the major perks of 120V (plug-in style) devices is their easy installation. Simply install the mounting frame of your product onto the wall, then plug your heater into a standard 120V household outlet. That was easy! A dedicated electrical circuit may be required.


In what type of wall should I install my recessed units?

Our recessed units can only be installed into the wall between studs (2” X 4”). They can be installed just as easily on an outside wall as on an interior one.

There’s a red light on on my thermostat. What should I do?

The light is normal, and does not indicate anything dangerous. Some of our Fan-forced heaters are equipped with a saturation light for the dust filter, which is removable for cleaning. When saturated, the light will turn on, and cause the fan to stop. For optimal performance, clean the filter regularly. Consult your installation manual for further details.

I just installed my new heater, and some smoke is coming out. What should I do?

During the initial start-up of your device, it is possible that some light smoke may emerge. This is quite normal, and should stop after about 2 or 3 minutes.

What happens to the Programmer in the case of a power outage?

In cases of power failure, the Programmer has battery autonomy for 6 to 8 hours. So, during this time, the heating schedule in the system remains programmed. Only the date and time must be reset.


Where do I install the Programmer module on my heater?

The devices that are compatible with the Programmer module have a slot specifically designed for it, next to the thermostat. Programming of the system can be done either with the module installed in the unit, or outside of it.

Programming category

Why should you program your heaters?

Scheduling your heating temperatures, based on your home and office schedules, can help you economize energy and money. Indeed, lowering the temperature a few notches during low periods, such as at night or during absences, will result in annual savings. 

What is the pilot wire?

Convectair devices are equipped with a wire that is unique on the market: the pilot wire.  This wire allows you to connect your devices to each other, so they can receive the signals sent by the programmer or the AWC (comfort, economy or frost protection mode, among others).

What is the AWC’s “all wheel drive system”?

The “all wheel drive” or “total control system” is the capacity of each unit placed in an open area in which heating needs are different (i.e. in a basement), to independently manage its environment, while working in tandem with other units, to consistently maintain the established heating temperature on your wall control. In short, it’s a great solution for ensuring consistent comfort throughout the room.

How many heaters can I connect on the Wall-mount controller (AWC)?

The AWC is only compatible with the Apéro and Allegro II, and can control up to 4 devices, or 4000W.

Can I install the Programmer module on any Convectair heater?

The Programmer module can fit into most Convectair models that have been manufactured since 1998. Only the Soprano line and 120V (plug-in style) models are not compatible with the Programmer module, and cannot lodge it. To confirm whether or not your device can lodge the module or be compatible with the system, please consult the given device’s Technical specifications page.

What is the Programmer for?

The Programmer system enables you to organize the household’s heating schedule in accordance with the schedule and program you’ve chosen, for greater efficiency and energy savings (can accommodate up to 20 devices). In short, it enables you to decrease the temperature at specific times. This system is the ideal solution for those seeking to control the heating throughout the house, while maximizing their energy savings.


With the Programmer, you can choose from 7 different preset programs, or opt for a custom, hour-by-hour program, in Comfort or Economy mode, which can differ for each day of the week, and include a Frost-protection option, for extended periods.

What is the difference between the “pilot wire module” and “transmitter module”?

The pilot wire module, as the name suggests, sends its signals via the pilot wire already integrated in our devices. As for the transmitter module, it uses the existing house wiring. In order to transmit its signals, the transmitter module must have a receiver module integrated into another heater. For more information on the Programmer, please consult the “Technical specifications” page, or contact us at 1-800-463-6478.

Account category

How is my personal information protected?

All of our users’ personal information is protected from unauthorized access, using the latest Internet security protocols. 

Convectair does not sell customer lists or contact information collected on this site.

What if I forget my password?

Don’t worry. On the “Account log in” page, you will see a button, giving you the option to change your password. Click on it. You will receive an email explaining the procedure for resetting your password. 

How do I create and manage my account?

Go to the “My account” section in the top menu. You will be able to access your account or create one, if you do not have one. Once your account has been created, you can verify information at all times.

Is it possible to have more than one name on a single account?

Unfortunately not. There can be only one account per email address. However, a single account can have multiple physical addresses.


I do not wish to receive anymore emails from Convectair.

The solution is very easy. Go to the “Info” menu in your account. You will see a category called “Newsletter”. The option to unsubscribe is located on the right.

I can’t access my account

Is it a password problem? If so, please refer to the previous question about forgotten passwords. If not, contact us by email, at [email protected] or phone, at 1 800 463-6478. We will be happy to help you resolve this problem.

How do I save information in my account?

The first step in making sure your information is saved, is to create your account. Without an account, any wattage calculations and account information will not be saved. Once you’ve created an account, all your information will be automatically saved.


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