Convectair advantages

Convectair is a cutting-edge manufacturer of the highest quality electric heating, and of comfortable energy solutions. Discover why.

Expertise devoted to comfort

Expertise devoted to comfort

A history of research & development

Innovation has always been integral to Convectair’s mission. All of our products are designed and manufactured in France, by highly qualified teams of engineers and manufacturers with an expertise spanning many decades. Convectair puts everything into place to adapt its energy expertise to the North American market, and offer clients comfortable energy solutions. 30 Years of keeping you warm to ensure quality. 

Quality certification

In 2013, our heaters received the France Garantie distinction, certifying that the entirety of manufacturing is carried out in France. Such production quality control enables us to guarantee the highest quality and performance of our heaters. 

A professional team at your service

Always ensuring to offer high quality professional service reflecting the high quality of our heaters, we carefully select our business partners, and offer them all the support necessary to provide you with the service you expect and deserve. Comfort also means receiving good service. 

Excellent heaters for your ideal comfort

Excellent heaters for your ideal comfort

Optimal heat distribution

Whether natural convection, radiant or fan-forced design, our heating elements are built to distribute optimal heating as efficiently as possible within a room.

Simple, yet powerful, operation

Our directly integrated thermostats are simple and intuitive. Their flexibility and programing options enable you to attain ideal comfort. Once they’ve been programed, there’s nothing left to do. Simply sit back and relax in the smart comfort. 

The pleasures of precision

Convectair thermostats are ultraprecise to 1/5°F. Coupled with a thermal sensor located 4 in from the floor, this precision enables even the slightest temperature variation in a room to be quickly corrected. Precise comfort, sustainable comfort. 

United we stand

Unique on the market, our pilot wiring enables you to connect many heaters so they can communicate back and forth. Coupled with our heater programing, such pilot wiring endows our heaters with smart functions. 

Better placed, to take better thermal readings

Contrary to wall thermostats in which the thermal sensor is at the top (60 in), our electric heaters, with directly integrated thermostats, have thermal sensors at the bottom of the heater (at 4 in), right where the air is the coldest. Better readings, for better comfort. 

Programing for maximum heat economies 

Convectair offers you programing systems, like the Wall-mount controller and Programer system module, in order to plan your heating based on home and office schedules. Programing equals heat economies and personalized comfort. 

Importance on comfort in complete safety

Importance on comfort in complete safety

Healthier air

Contrary to other heaters on the market, Convectair’s natural convection and radiant heaters do not emit burnt particles into the air, because their elements do not overheat. The emission of burnt particles creates an unpleasant dryness in the air. 


Comfort is far from uniquely a question of temperature. This is why Convectair offers you completely silent heaters. All of our radiant and natural convection heaters function devoid of sound. 

Security without compromise

Our clients’ security is very important to us. We therefore ensure that all of our heaters are built with grills that aren’t sharp and heating elements that aren’t accessible to children’s fingers. Thermostats are lockable and endowed with thermal protection in cases of overheating. Our bathroom heaters feature a cabinet-splash-proof construction. Convectair is synonymous with quality: your comfort in full safety. 

Convectair warranty

All of our heaters have a double warranty:

• 2 Years against all manufacturing defects

• 5 Years on heating elements

Comfort is also freedom of choice

Comfort is also freedom of choice

Many types of technology

Convectair offers you many heating solutions based on your taste, needs and preferences, such as radiant, natural convection and fan-forced heaters, and even hybrid types. For information on the differences between the various technologies, click here

Many choices of wattage and voltage

In addition to offering a wide variety of electric heaters, Convectair offers you many choices of wattage (500 to 2000W) and voltage (120 & 240V) to satisfy your comfort needs. We advise you to do a heat loss calculation, in order to determine the amount of wattage to suit your needs. 

Unique designs

At Convectair, we know that comfort is about warmth, but also about visual appeal. For your full comfort, Convectair strives to offer you heaters with smart functions, while also being esthetic. Their crisp clean contours and contemporary colors will surely win you over! 

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