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Beauty & power

Boasting a powerful rating of 1750W, the Diva is Convectair’s second most powerful towel heater. Coupled with its modern design, it’s the ideal choice for those seeking a combination of design and performance in their bathroom.

This heater includes two towel bars.
Available in white.

To know more about the Diva

Enveloping warmth

The Diva’s radiant 750W heating, covering the full surface of its front panel, creates a gentle and soothing sensation, similar to the sun’s rays, for your towels and bathroom. Coupled with its electronic thermostat, the heater maintains your temperature of comfort at all times.

Quick heating

The Diva is also endowed with powerful 1000W fan-forced heating, to better fulfill your comfort and instantaneous heating needs in the bathroom. Located at the bottom of the heater to better diffuse hot air throughout the room, the fan is activated by a timer, and enables you to heat your bathroom up quickly, on demand.

Bathroom safety

The Diva is designed with a splash-proof construction, and heating element that is inaccessible to children’s fingers. Its thermostat is endowed with thermal protection in cases of overheating.

Your heater must be installed in accordance with national and local codes and respect minimum distance requirements between heaters and water sources.

Convectair warranty

  • 2 Years against all manufacturing defects
  • 5 Years on heating elements

For reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician. For a listing of electricians recommended by Convectair, consult the “Where to buy” section.

Planning your comfort

Looking for a heater that automatically heats up the bathroom prior to your arrival in the morning? The Diva enables you to do exactly that, thanks to its various programming options.


Technical informations

Heating element

Total capacity : 1750 W

Radiant (750 W) : Radiant front panel with integrated surface element.

Fan-forced heat on demand (1000 W) : Low-thermal-mass heating element combined with low-pressure centrifugal blower.

Thermal protection : Radiant : Automatic reset overheat protection;

                                       Fan-forced heat : Resetable overheat protection. Reset by turning heater off.

Temperature control

Electronic thermostat : Built-in electronic proportional-action thermostat ultraprecise to 1/5ºF (1/10ºC ) for radiant front panel.

Electronic timer :  5 to 120 minutes of accelerated heating or towel drying, and for the Turbo setting (1750-watt radiant and fan-forced heat).

Programmer-compatible, pilot wire only.

Control panel

Location : On the right side.

Thermostat dial.

Timer and Turbo mode dial with indicator light.

On/Off button with indicator light.

Heating indicator light.


Steel construction with polyester/epoxy anti-rust powder coating and resistant to UV rays.

Cabinet : Splash-proof construction with rounded edges.

Airflow : Bottom flow air outlet directs the hot air on the towels and towards the center of the room.

Accessories : Two (2) towel bars included.

Colour  : BB = White


Installation height : 12 in (30cm).

Clearances : Front: 20 in (50 cm) - Sides: 8 in (20 cm) - Above: 20 in (50 cm).

Installation : Quick-mounted surface installation with easy snap-on bracket that also serves as marking template.

Connection : 240-V unit: Flexible cord connection, including junction box.
Installation requires 2 in X 3 in wall box (not included).

Note : 3-conductor cable or 2-conductor cable with a third wire should be used if unit is to be linked with the Convectair Programmer module (7392 FP).


Product 240v Watts
208v Watts
120v Watts
Width cm
Height cm
Depth cm
Price Color
Diva 7648-C17-BB 750/1750
N/A N/A 43
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