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A brilliant, beautiful and warm radiant heater

The Opera is the only Convectair electric radiant heater that can be installed in a corner. It’s the ideal heater for those seeking to regain wall space, with soft radiant heating and a modern look. Available in satin white or greige.
Two optional towel bars.

Note: To purchase towel bar (on line), please contact us by email or phone (click on Contact us on the top menu) .

Note:Due to recent changes on its design, the new Opera is no longer compatible with the Programmer.

Only units with a manufacturing date of 41/18 (week # 41-2018) or previous are compatible with the Programmer.

Please always make sure your Convectair heater is compatible before purchasing a Programmer.

To know more about the Opéra

For perceptible heating

Characterized by a wattage of 750 or 1250W, the Opera heats while creating a soothing heat sensation, like that of the sun’s rays. Its soft enveloping warmth is diffused throughout the room, in total silence. A choice you won’t regret. 

A modern look

Esthetically, the Opera is characterized by its perforated concave exterior panel, enabling it to be installed in a corner. In fact, just to give you an idea of how different it is from traditional heating, many people think it looks like a speaker. 

Its precision

Thanks to the Opera’s electronic thermostat, which is ultraprecise to 1/10°C, it maintains the desired temperature, without even the slightest variation. You will therefore benefit from a stable living environment, without having to adjust the thermostat, regardless of fluctuating exterior temperatures.

Smart functions
The Opera features a smart thermostat with 4 operating modes, enabling smarter energy consumption.

Convectair warranty

  • 2 Years against all manufacturing defects
  • 5 Years on heating elements

For reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician. For a listing of electricians recommended by Convectair, consult the “Where to buy” section.

Comfort in complete safety

The Opera is designed to be as safe as possible. Its corners are rounded and heating element inaccessible to children’s fingers. The lockable thermostat is endowed with thermal protection in cases of overheating.

Why do a calculation?

The Opera is available in 750 and 1250W. Calculating the wattage of your heating needs is essential. Making the right choice will bring you optimal comfort. To determine the necessary wattage, go to the “Wattage calculator” section.


Technical informations

Heating element

Total capacity : 750 or 1 250 W

Radiant heat :  Ribbed-high-emissivity monoblock element made of aluminum alloy.

Thermal protection : Automatic reset overheat protection with warning lights.

Temperature control

Electronic thermostat : Built-in electronic proportional-action thermostat ultraprecise to 1/5ºF (1/10ºC ).

Programmer : Control panel designed to accept the 7392 Programmer module.

Control panel 

Location : 750W: On top, with lockable protective cover ; 1250W :On the back by pivoting the unit, with lockable protective cover.

On/Off switch.

Dial : Lockable thermostat control dial.
Program (automatic setback when connected to the Convectair Programmer).

Mode selector with four settings and indicator light: Comfort; Economy; Frost Protection (45°F (7°C));

Heating indicator light.


Steel construction with polyester/epoxy anti-rust powder coating and resistant to UV rays.

Cabinet : Concave casing with rounded corners takes up less space and optimizes lateral radiant heating.

                  Heater rotates on hinges from right to left, providing access to control panel and mounting bracket.

Grille : Perforated concave front panel for better radiant heat.

Accessories : Optional towel-bar kit can be used to warm towels.

Colour : FS = White, GR = Greige


Installation height : 6 in. (15 cm).

Clearances : Front: 30 in. (75 cm) - Sides: 16 in. (40 cm) - Above: 9 1/2 in. (24 cm).

Installation : Quick-mounted surface installation with bracket. Must be installed 

in a corner.

Connection 240-V unit :  Flexible cord connection, including junction box cover. Installation requires 2 in. X 3 in. wall box (not included).

Note : 3-conductor cable or 2-conductor cable with a third wire should be used if unit is to be linked  with the Convectair Programmer module (7392 FP).


Product 240v Watts
208v Watts
120v Watts
Width cm
Height cm
Depth cm
Opera 7720-C07-FS 750
N/A 25
Opera 7720-C12-FS 1250
N/A 25

Select the required wattage or model Opera

Find the right power for optimal comfort The power calculator helps you determine the power you need

Wattage Calculator

Where can I find an installer ? Browse through our list of distributors and recommended installers

Where can I find an installer ?

Need help? Browse our FAQ or contact us directly

FAQ Contact

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