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Better heating, for better economies

The Programmer system module enables managing the heating levels of each heater (to a maximum of 20 heaters), based on a chosen program and established schedule. It’s the ideal system for those seeking to control heating of the entire home, while maximizing their economies.

Note:Due to recent changes on its design, all new productions of Allegro II and Opera are no longer compatible with the Programmer.

Only units with a manufacturing date of 41/18 (week # 41-2018) or previous are compatible with the Programmer.

Please always make sure your Convectair heater is compatible before purchasing a Programmer.

To know more about the Programmer

A programming example

Program an automatic lowering of the temperature by 3°C when you aren’t home, or when you’re sleeping, and an increase in temperature to 20°C when you return home, or 60 minutes prior to waking up. The possibilities are almost infinite.

At your fingertips

The Programmer system module can be inserted directly into the socket on the heater, beside the thermostat. For heaters without a socket, connection to the Programmer is done through the pilot wire (a pre-installed wire on all heaters, except the Soprano, the 120V units and the commercial heaters).

Varied solutions

With the Programmer, you have the choice of 7 pre-selected programs, or a custom program, organized hourly, in Comfort or Economy mode (different for each day of the week), or in Frost protection mode, for prolonged absences.

Worry free

The Programmer system module operates without a battery, and can be programmed directly on the heater, or outside the module socket. In cases of power outages, the heating schedule remains programmed. Only the date and time need to be reset afterwards.

Convectair warranty

2 Years against all manufacturing defects.


Technical informations


Can be programmed after 15 minutes of full charging in a heater connected to a power source.

No batteries required.

May be programmed directly on the heater or removed form the socket. The Programmer module becomes operational once it is reinserted in its outlet.

May be locked in the heater outlet.

LCD Display

Continuously displays current time, day, heating mode (Comfort, Economy or Frost Protection), daily program and hourly status; displays hour, day and program while settings are being entered.


Choice of 7 pre-selected programs or a customized hour-by-hour Comfort or Economy program for each day of the week and a Frost protection mode.

The Programmer module lets you override current program centrally or individually for each heater.

Simple, easy programming instructions are found directly on the Programmer module.

In case of power failure, the Programmer module will keep its charge for 10 hours. Beyond that, only the time and day must be reset. All pre-selected and custom programs are saved indefinitely.

Wiring (FP)

For single-heater programming: install the Convectair unit using a standard 2-conductor cable.

7392 FP: Programmable pilot-wire module. Each module can control scheduled temperature variations up to 20 compatible heating units.

Wiring requirements: 3-conductor cable or 2-conductor cable plus a third wire (e.g., NMD 14/2 or F.A.S. 18/2 300-V) that can serve as a communication wire from the module to the units.

Remote units that can receive FP signals: All Convectair units, with the exception of Soprano (7808) and 120V models.

Master units compatible with FP, ECP or RCP modules: Allegro 14-18-26(7305-7306-7307), Opera (7720), Opera 12 (7732), Opera 17 (7733),

Impresario (7716), Impresario 1200(7625) and Impresario 1600 (7630).

Wiring  (ECP/RCP)

7392 ECP and RCP : Programmable powerline carrier unit consisting of a transmitter module (ECP) and a receiver module (RCP). Each ECP module can control scheduled temperature variations up to 20 heating units equipped with receiver modules (RCP). Maximum of 3 ECP modules per home (3 heating zones). No special wiring required. 

Master units compatible with FP, ECP or RCP modules: Allegro 14-18-26(7305-7306-7307), Opera (7720), Opera 12 (7732), Opera 17 (7733), Impresario (7716), Impresario 1200(7625) and Impresario 1600 (7630).

Note : Any heater equiped with a RCP module can in turn relay a FP signal to other remote units (contact us for more information).


Product 240v Watts
208v Watts
120v Watts
Width cm
Height cm
Depth cm
Programmer 7392-ECP N/A N/A N/A 4.5
Programmer 7392-FP N/A N/A N/A 4.5
Programmer 7392-RCP N/A N/A N/A 4.5

Select the required wattage or model Programmer

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