Programming advantages

With the Programmer system module, plan your heating schedules for personalized, efficient, and more economical comfort.

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To know more about the Programmers modules

A programming example


Overnight, you program your heating to 17°C for the entire home. At your anticipated wake-up time, the Program anticipates an increase of 3°C, to reach your comfortable programmed temperature of 20°C. When everyone leaves the home, the same program again decreases the temperature by 3°C, for continued economies throughout your absence. An example of simple and economical programming.

Varied solutions

Convectair offers you programming systems, such as the Wall-mount controller, capable of managing up to 4 heaters, and the Programmer system module, capable of managing up to 20 heaters. Such solutions enable you to plan your heating and economize. Choose the technology that best fits your needs.

Convectair warranty

2 Years against all manufacturing defects.

For a reliable and guaranteed installation, Convectair recommends consulting a certified electrician. For a listing of electricians recommended by Convectair, consult the “Where to buy” section. 

Quality certification

Convectair heaters satisfy Canadian safety standards. In addition, in 2013, we earned the France Garantie distinction, certifying that the entirety of manufacturing is carried out in France. Such production quality control enables us to guarantee the highest quality and performance of our heaters.

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