Connectair FAQ

About Connectair

What is Connectair ?

Connectair is an open, scalable and secure digital device that allows you to easily manage your home's connected devices such as heating, lighting or window shutters wherever you are and at any time.

What are Connectair’s features ?

Connectair allows you to create an ecosystem and manage the connected devices of your home such as lights and heaters through the free, simple and intuitive application wherever you are and at any time. To optimize the use of different connected devices in your home, here are some of the features offered by Connectair:

Creating scenarios Creation and management of properties & sub-properties (ex: kitchen) Multiplateform application Centralized management of your connected devices Great ability to include products using Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus communication protocols (up to 92 devices per Controller)

Moreover, thanks to its cloud capabilities, Connectair is constantly adapting to stay on the cutting edge and offer you even more features and options.

What is the Connectair ecosystem?

The Connectair ecosystem is the virtual space that gathers and manages all of your connected devices allowing you to centralize their management. The tool set up to manage this virtual space and control your connected devices is the application as well as the Connectair Controller.

Where can I find Connectair ?

Connectair is sold through our network of electricians and electrical distributors. To find the nearest electrician or distributor, please click on the "Where to buy" section (see top menu). You will be redirected to our "Where to buy" map. You can also buy Connectair products on our website.

How does Connectair differentiate itself?

Connectair differentiates itself from the competition by its great flexibility, power and openness. Indeed, by using the Z-Wave Plus protocol, Connectair is able to integrate a large amount of connected devices using the Z-wave or Z-Wave Plus protocol allowing you to have a powerful ecosystem to meet your needs.Its cloud capabilities also allow it to always stay on the cutting edge of technology with new features and options.

The Connectair application is compatible with which devices?

The application is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Simply made a search by typing the word Connectair.

The application is compatible with the following devices:

•    Android: Android 6 & +•    Apple: iOS 10 & +     

Which browsers support Connectair’s interface?

Connectair’s web interface is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. In order to access it, simply write in the search bar of your browser

Can I access my interface through multiple platforms?

Absolutely. The Connectair application is multiplatform so that it can be reached by tablet or smartphone. The interface is also available on your computer via a web browser. Finally, if you bought the Connectair Controller, the interface is also available from this tool.

How do the devices communicate with each other?

For connected devices to communicate amongst each other, they require a communication protocol.  The one chosen by Connectair is Z-Wave Plus, a global leader of wireless control technology, reliable and interoperable. Connectair also uses the latest version of the Z-Wave Protocol, which is the safest on the market. Your safety and comfort are important to us.

Will I be able to control my connected devices remotely?

Thanks to the Connectair application, you can always access your ecosystem remotely and therefore manage all of your connected devices regardless of where you are.


How to access the quick start guide?

The Quick Start Guide summarizing in a few simple steps how to install and configure your ecosystem can be found by clicking on the top menu on Products/Connected home/Connectair CC7 and then search for the Quick start guide button in the Documentation section. 

Where should I install my Connectair Controller?

While your Controller can be installed anywhere in your home, for practical reasons, if you plan to power your Controller with wires, we recommend that you install it close to your electrical outlets or the router. Please note that the cable of the power source block is limited to 6 ft (182 cm). Also take into account the length of your Ethernet wire (if applicable) during the installation.

There are no specific clearances for the installation.

How to install my Controller on the wall?

For the pictorial installation steps of your Controller to the wall, see the Quick Start Guide by clicking on the installtaion guide button in the Connectair Controller page.

What are the prerequisites for a good installation of my Controller?

For a correct installation of your Controller, we recommend that it be performed by a master electrician. To find the electrician closest to you, click here (hyperlink to the page or buy). You will find included in the box two screws and anchors. Before your installation, make sure you have:

An internet connection of at least 5Mbps. A 120V plug (if you plan to use the power source block). A double electric junction box (if your installation requires it). Download the Connectair app on your smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, have a computer with an internet connection. If you intend to power your Controller by PoE (Power over Ethernet), make sure that your router offers that option. This functionality will be written directly on it (see example).



How to power my Connectair Controller?

You have two options available:

1. With the power supply (source block). To do this, first remove from the Controller the included wire connector.

1) Insert the wires into the connector. The connector is not previously assembled so that you can pass the power wire through a small hole in the wall if needed during the installation.2) Reconnect the connector to the Controller.3) Complete the procedure by plugging your power supply (source block) in a 120V power outlet.2. Using the PoE option of your router. To do this, first of all, verify that your router offers that option.

1) Plug your network cable (RJ45) in your router.2) Plug the other side of your cable into your Controller.

Note : If you opt for this connection option, you will not need to use the power supply (source block) provided. A PoE connection will power the Connectair Controller with both electricity as well as Internet connection.


Should the installation of my Controller be done by an electrician?

Convectair always recommends that installations of its products be carried out by professional electricians. To find the master electrician closest to you, click on the "Where to buy" button on the top menu.

What does PoE mean?

PoE means Power over Ethernet. This function means that you use special outputs from your router to power your Controller. Note that a PoE connection will power the Connectair Controller with both electricity as well as in Internet connection.

How to establish the Internet connection on my Controller?

To do this, you have two options available. Please note that the power supply must have been done after the Internet connection:1. By network cable. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Connect your network cable (RJ45) into your router2) Plug the other end of your cable into your Controller.

2 . By Wi-Fi. To do this, follow these steps:

1)     From a computer, tablet or smartphone access your available Wi-Fi network and then select the iot-config network. The password is iot-config. Please note that once the Controller has been powered, it may take between a minute to two minutes for it to create the necessary Wi-Fi connection. 2)     On your browser’s address bar, write the address: http: //iot-config3)     Follow the steps displayed on the screen.



Are all routers compatible with Connectair?

Yes, all commercial routers are compatible with Connectair. However, if you wish to power your Controller by PoE, we recommend that you verify that your router offers that function.


How to create my account?

To create your account, you must access the Connecair interface. In order to access this interface, you have two options:

1- By web browser. Write on your search bar as shown on the image below. The Connectair web interface is compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc…

 2-Through the application: our application is available on the App Store and Google Play. Please click on the images to download the application. The application is compatible with the following devices:

1. Android: Android 6 & + :

2. Apple: iOS 10 & + :

Once on the interface, fill the form shown on the screen.


How to create my first location and connect it to my new Controller?

Once on your newly created account, click on the button “Add a new location”.     Please follow the directions on the form for the creation of this location. Please note that this action can only be done from your web interface or application.

Once the home has been created, click on the Edit button  then on the “Add a Smart Controller”. You will need to insert your unique binding code to complete     the process.


Where can I find my unique binding code?

The binding code can be found at three different locations.

It can be found:

On the Quick Start Guide in your Controller’s box. On a label located on the back of your Controller. On your Controller’s screen (not available on screenless Controllers) when first installing the Controller.

What to do if I lost my unique binding code?

We recommend that you never remove the label showing your unique binding code located on the back of the Controller. This will allow you to always have access to it. If you can't find your code, please call Convectair’s customer service at 1-800-463-6478.

What are the available display languages and how to change them?

The offered languages are English and French. To change the display language, follow these steps:

1. On your Controller:

a. Click on the bottom of the screen to open the options menu.b. Click on the 'Configuration' button.c. Choose the desired display language.2. On your interface:

a. Go to your account icon     b. Click on Preferences.c. Choose the desired display language.

How do I change my personal information on my account?

Connectair allows you to change several settings such as your photo, password, email, phone number, etc. To do this, follow these simple steps. Please note that this action can only be made from your web interface or application.

Go to your account icon  Click on Preferences. Change the desired information.

How to change my password?

For security measures, it is recommended to change passwords from time to time. To change the password on your Connectair account, follow these steps. Please note that this action can only be made from your web interface or application.

Go to your account icon    Click on Preferences. Click on "Change your password" and follow the steps.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Forgetting a password happens to all of us. To make a new one, follow these steps. Please note that this action can only be made from your web interface or application.

Go to your web interface or application at the login page.

Click on 'Forgot password?' Check your e-mail inbox. A reset email will be sent to you. Follow  the procedure described in the e-mail.

How to check the status of my system?

Connectair’s interface allows you to check the status of the system. In order to access it, go to the "System Status" icon on your interface’s side menu. You will find all the information to determine the version of your interface, your Controller model, available space and other useful information.


How do I restart (reset) my Controller?

To replace your Controller to its factory settings, follow these steps.

On your Controller:

Click on the bottom of the screen to open the menu.

Click on the 'Configuration' button Choose the "Restart" option

On your interface :

 Click on the "System Status" option available on the side menu.

Click on “Admin” Click on « Reset »



What does each icon mean ?

Here is a picture to help you identify each of the icons used on our interface.


Connected devices

How to include connected devices in my ecosystem?

Connectair is able to include connected devices with great ease. Your Controller can include and manage up to 92 devices. Note that the inclusions and exclusions of devices in the ecosystem can only be done from the web interface or application.  To include your devices, follow these steps:

 Step 1 : Start by going to the 'Devices' tab  . Click on the " + " sign and then on ' Device'. Follow the instructions. Be sure to indicate that it is a “Generic Z-Wave product”. If you have several sub-locations, remember to do the right combination of location for this device. Once the form is completed correctly, a text asking you to start the inclusion process on the device will appear.

 Step 2 : Continue the inclusion process of your device by following its own particular inclusion procedure. They should be written in its manual.

 Step 3 : Once step 2 is concluded, you should see a success message displayed on the screen.

It is often useful to refresh the page of your interface in order to have an adequate update of your ecosystem.Once completed, included devices will be displayed on the 'Devices' tab.

Can I include any Z-Wave device in my ecosystem? Where to find the list of compatible devices to Connectair?

Connectair can include a wide variety of Z-Wave Plus devices, such as Convectair compatible heaters, but also electric switches such as Lutron’s, some lights and much more. All newly Connectair compatible Z-Wave products will be communicated to you by e-mail at the time of their availability. For the complete list of compatible devices, please refer to the section "Connectair update". For any question on the list of compatible Connectair devices, please write to us at [email protected].

How many devices can Connectair manage?

Your Connectair Controller can include and manage up to 92 Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus connected devices.

How to exclude the Convectair devices in the ecosystem?

To exclude a Convectair device from your ecosystem, or any other connected device for that matter, please follow these steps. Note that the exclusions of devices in the ecosystem can be made only from the web interface or application.Step 1 : Access your devices dashboard and click on the device you want to exclude.

Step 2 : Click on the  “Delete” button. Follow the steps and click on “Delete” again.

Step 3 : Follow the exclusion directions specific to your device. They should be described in its user guide.It is often useful to refresh the page of your interface in order to have an adequate update of your ecosystem.Once you have completed these steps, you will see a success message appear on the screen.Note: Your Allegro II device will remain in the "Auxiliary" mode even if already fully excluded from the ecosystem. To regain control of your device, press the «Mode» and " - " buttons on the thermostat for 10 seconds to eliminate the "Auxiliary" mode.

What is the 'Hidden' device option?

The 'Hidden' option available at the time of the inclusion of your device allows you to make it invisible on your devices dashboard. For example, if you do not foresee changing the status of this device regularly or do not need to check its status frequently, you can hide it to clear your dashboard.

How to activate the 'hidden' device option

Activate : When registering your connected device, just check the "Hidden" option. If the device is already created and you wish to hide it, simply click on the device to display its edit page. Check the “Hidden” option and then click "Save".


How to deactivate the 'hidden' device option

Disable : To remove the “Hidden” status of this device, click on it to display the edit page of the device. Uncheck the “Hidden” option then click on "Save".


How to display my hidden devices?

To view your hidden connected devices, simply click on the "Actionable" option on the bottom menu and then select “Hidden”.  All your hidden devices will be displayed.


How to activate items?

To enable an item, simply click on its icon. Green: The device is active.

Gray: The device is inactive.


How to deactivate items?

To disable an item, simply click on its icon. Gray: The device is inactive.Green: The device is active.



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