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What to know, first and foremost

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Doing a heat loss calculation will enable you to determine the amount of power required for a heater to provide you with optimal comfort. If you opt for a wattage that is too low for your needs, your heater will deteriorate prematurely, and the possibility of breakage will be higher. In the end, you will have made false savings at the time of purchase. If, on the other hand, you opt for a wattage that is too high, your heating cycle will be less regular, electricity consumption too high, and usage of your heater and space will not be optimal. You will end up with decreased comfort and unnecessary energy expenses. 


Our heat loss calculation accounts for many important factors, such as type of insulation, size and type of windows, and presence of doors and exterior walls, in order to provide you with the most precise result possible for optimal comfort. Without taking into account such factors, your results can only be approximate and imperfect.



Should you encounter difficulties in completing our calculation, due to the architectural particularities of a given room, please contact us directly. We are happy to assist you with finding the heating power required for your optimal comfort.

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What you will need to take the measurements required for your calculation:

  1. A tape measure
  2. A pencil
  3. A stepladder
  4. The printable form (optional)
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