Even if some of us would like to ignore it, winter is here. Snow, ice and low temperatures are here to stay for a while. The time to turn on the heat and get warm has arrived. On the other hand, usually when speaking about heating, we also equate it with high electricity bills. In 2018, there must certainly be heating solutions that offer both comfort and energy savings. It's called the Opera line of electric heaters.


The Operas are radiant heaters available in several wattages and dimensions. Indeed, offered in three different heights (12'', 17'' and 46'') as well as several wattages (500 to 2000 watts[1]), these devices offer a great flexibility of installation. In addition, Convectair also offers an Opera heater with towel rails specifically designed for the bathroom, a real treat!

Apart from its attractive formats and wattages, this line of products is equipped with intelligent functions that will delight you and help you save in your heating costs. Keep reading to discover them.


Traditionally speaking heaters are equipped, in terms of sensors, with only the temperature probe. Nevertheless, the radiant electric heaters of the Opera line[2] are also equipped with a very particular sensor: a motion detector. This eye allows knowing if someone is present in the room or not. 
Thus, if the device does not detect a human presence, it will automatically and gradually decrease its heating activity by a few degrees. When the device detects the return of someone to the room, it will automatically return to your comfort level. Therefore you save on energy costs without having done anything. Saving money has never been easier or more convenient.


The Opera line of heaters also include smart features, such as the open window detection function, to compensate for small spending oversights and easily help you save on energy costs. Indeed, if the sensor included in the heater detects a drastic drop in temperature in the room within a short period of time, the device assumes that a door or window has been opened. The heater will then automatically stop heating up and waits for the user to turn the unit back on at the touch of a button. Thus, rather than running at full speed to remedy the loss, the heater stops and saves on energy spending. Finally a smart and environmentally friendly electric heater.


The electric radiant Opera heater’s thermostat is integrated with a unique programming function. In other words, the Opera offers the possibility of creating activity schedules that can lower energy use at times when it is less relevant to heat, such as at night or during your absences. Indeed, these devices can adapt the heating in advance to adjust to your schedule.

A study published by Hydro-Québec mentions that a decrease of 3°C for 8 hours each night allows savings of up to 5% on heating consumption[3]. Who would have thought that saving money could be so easy?


Finally, it is also necessary to mention that with the use of radiant wall units versus traditional electric baseboards, it is possible to reduce all the more energy consumption without compromising comfort. Indeed, the combination of direct & diffused radiant heat as well as convection within the same electric heater allows creating a homogeneous environment in which the user will feel comfortable even if the energy usage is lower. In addition, for certain types of rooms such as those with cathedral ceilings or those with a lot of windows, radiant heat is more suitable to offer energy savings and unparalleled comfort.


For this winter, save on your energy bills while enjoying full comfort at home. Be comfortable and calm by choosing devices designed to ensure comfort, savings and peace of mind. To spend a comfortable winter, think about the Opera radiant heaters.

To learn more about the Opera radiant heaters, visit the Convectair website by clicking here.



[1] Limited powers on certain products. See the Convectair website for all the details.
[2] This feature is only available on Opera 12, 17 and 46. See the Convectair website for details.
[3] Hydro-Québec, Electronic Thermostats; website viewed in 2018