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This year, due to a situation we all know, our inventory of heaters is a little higher than usual. To make room, Convectair offers you an incredible discount on Convectair heaters listed below.

All the heaters in the list below are new and meet the quality standards of Convectair. They are in this list because we have a little too much stock of a wattage, a small surplus of a color or, they will simply be replaced by a new line of products.
This is the perfect opportunity to improve the comfort of your home in a sustainable way and to feel the Convectair difference.
Convectair recommends performing an adequate heat loss calculation to select the appropriate wattage and ensure optimal comfort.

Quantities are limited. This offer is valid until stocks last.
Please note that these items will be considered as FINAL SALE, therefore no returns or exchanges will be accepted.
Overstock liquidation items :
Please note the item number you want to order and then, click on the link from the list below to be directed to the product page. Select the product you want (using the product number you noted) and add it to your cart. The discount is shown only when the item is placed in the shopping cart. 

Impresario 1200 (Towel warmers)
07625-C12-BCC Impresario 1200w Lys Blanc/White Lily
07625-C12-GRI Impresario 1200w Quartz Gris/Grey Quartz
07625-C12-MIR Impresario 1200w Miroir/Mirror

Impresario (Living space)
07716-C10-BCC Impresario 1000w Lys Blanc/White Lily
07716-C10-BEI Impresario 1000w Lacque D'ivoire/Ivory Lacquer
07716-C10-GRI Impresario 1000w Quartz Gris/Grey Quartz
07716-C10-MIR Impresario 1000w  Miroir/Mirror
07716-C10-SEP Impresario 1000w Noir Astrakan/Black
07716-C15-BCC Impresario 1500w Lys Blanc/White  Lily
07716-C15-GRI Impresario 1500w Quartz Gris/Grey Quartz
07716-C15-MIR Impresario 1500w Miroir/Mirror
07716-C15-SEP Impresario 1500w Noir Astrakan/Black
07716-C20-BCC Impresario 2000w Lys Blanc/White Lily
07716-C20-MIR Impresario 2000w Miroir/Mirror
07716-C20-SEP  Impresario 2000w Noir Astrakan/Black

07720-C07-GR Opéra 750w Grège/Greige
07732-C07-FS Opéra 12  750W blanc satiné/white satin
07733-C05-FS Opéra 17  500W blanc satiné/white satin
07734-C10-FS Opéra 46  1000W blanc satiné/white satin